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Come one, come all to see the Jets

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My last two bylines — both straight news stories, which lack the whimsical fun and lighthearted stupidity of this blog — have been about airports, so I figure today's a good day to blog about the Jets, especially after seeing this Associated Press story in which the team's owner insists the Jets are not a circus. Here's an excerpt:

"I think that's you guys," (Woody) Johnson told reporters Thursday. "I certainly don't feel that way. We're deadly serious about what we're doing here."

That deadly serious attitude doesn't always show up on the field, like last season, when the team went 8-8, or during the entire preseason, when it scored as many touchdowns as it has won Super Bowl titles.

Now, if I thought people actually read this blog, I'd spent part of my word count insisting that I am not writing this as a Giants or Patriots fan, that I am not really much of a football fan at all, that I think if you're going to watch a game for four hours, there should be more than six minutes of action nestled away in there. Fortunately, that's not a problem I have to worry about.

Of course, being mediocre isn't what gets reporters calling your team a circus. That has more to do with reality shows that paint your coach as a Bethlem Royal escapee with a penchant for F bombs, fans who have been best known for bringing a well-known Bourbon Street tradition to home games and players who became construction workers on a coffee break when an attractive female reporter is working the field. Add in the Sorta Rev. Tim Tebow, and you've got the makings of a traveling medicine show on your hands.

It isn't what anybody in green and white wants to hear, but the team really needs to look to the example set by the Giants. Instead of declaring yourself Super Bowl champion in August, keep your mouth shut and play. Then, when you win one, nobody will mind when you get pasted on opening night the next season. Heck, you might even get a sympathetic columnist to write about how officiating cost you the game.

This kind of consideration may get awfully important as the team still struggles to build out its fan base. After all, you can't see the circus on TV — and if ticket sales don't improve, that could be the case for the Jets soon, too.

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