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Don't Do AC, unless you have permission


You may recall, during this wild and crazy summer, seeing one of those ads encouraging you to "Do AC." Actually, scratch that. If you saw one, I'm sure you remember it, because it was full of color, light, sexy young people and delicious food, whereas you recall your last trip to Atlantic City being full of casinos clouded with ancient cigarette smoke, old people sliding their Social Security down the slot machines and buffets where the most popular dish was chateaubriand d'Meow Mix.

I'm not going to pin all the success of marketing Atlantic City as a destination on four letters, unless they're R, E, V and L (you have to use E twice, of course), but Do AC has certainly played a role in getting people to, if not actually go to Atlantic City, think about going there, or at least "like" it on Facebook. So you'd think that news that the campaign has apparently gone viral would leave the Atlantic City Alliance as pleased as punch, but of course, if that were true, I wouldn't be blogging about this topic right now.

Advertisers dream about campaigns that go viral on YouTube and other social media arenas, because the successful ones draw millions of eyeballs. Who in the world ever heard of BlendTec before this guy? But the ACA, while happy with the exposure, is prepared to protect its trademark, according to this report in the Press of Atlantic City.

This is a mistake. The ACA has created something that the city's non-casino elements can rally around, be they pizza bakers, wannabe skate park-builders or strippers, as per the story. Right now, you've got Revel — which is a casino, in case you don't know; please patronize those slot machines! — seeking an extra $50 million in breathing room from its creditors, while the Golden Nugget sues and is sued over unshuffled cards in a mini-baccarat game that led to $1.5 million in payouts. The city has more bruises than Todd Akin's reputation following his horrific, stupid comments on rape. It's nice to see a campaign the city can actually rally around.

Besides, if we're going to talk about trademark protection, the folks in Wildwood may have something to say.

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