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Health care decision’s big winner? Chris Christie. Seriously

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The biggest winner in the fracas over the Supreme Court’s decision on health care could be Chris Christie. Bear with me on this.

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has announced that, in the wake of the health care reform ruling, his campaign has raised $4.3 million from so-called “small donors.” Apparently, the only thing small about these donors is their collective cranial capacity. Why else would they fork over piles of money to a man who’s campaigning to end Obamacare, which Romney actually created in Massachusetts?

Romney, standing Thursday behind a podium reading, “Repeal and Replace Obamacare,” didn’t take reporters’ questions during a carefully worded diatribe against the law, the president and the high court. But at some point, some clever journalist will ask him why he championed the individual mandate that he now finds unconstitutional. It doesn’t seem Romney has an actual idea for how to get health care to work in the United States, so he’s not going to be able to deflect it with an idea, and his current mantra — what works for Massachusetts doesn’t necessarily work for the United States — should only be applied to the Boston Red Sox. He’s going to need a much bigger diversion to draw attention away from the fact that he flip-flops like an aerobics instructor.

Can you imagine a bigger diversion than New Jersey’s governor? If this doesn’t make Christie the vice presidential nominee, nothing will. Just wait until someone brings up Romneycare. We might even get to see Christie dust off such disarming old chestnuts as “numbnuts” and “take the bat out.”

We won’t see any answers as to how we, as a nation, can bring about affordable, top quality health care for all residents. But we weren’t going to get that anyway.

Side note: Burn the Boats is going on vacation until late next week. See you after the holiday.

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