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Giants, Jets fumble lawsuit over Xanadu


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As a rule, the Giants and Jets don't play well together.

Do not attempt to adjust your set. Someone actually thought this was a good idea.

What would you expect? Aside from both playing in New Jersey while keeping "New York" in their names, they have little in common; in fact, one of the only recent examples of collaboration is MetLife Stadium, which looks like set of heavy steel blinds, and features gray seating that looks like the test pattern on a 1952 Philco black-and-white television.

But drab is the new fab, with the teams uniting against their garishly attired neighbor, Xanadu — and just when you thought the megamall was on track to be finished, too!

Xanadu — which we're now supposed to call American Dream Meadowlands at all times, to help taxpayers forget the drawn-out disaster this project has been for nearly a decade now — has been a tapestry of terrible for every party to ever stick a toe in the fetid waters of the Meadowlands. The fact that Triple Five is even willing to get involved was justifiably met with celebration, even if it was more than a little premature. And Triple Five is going to get whatever it wants to finish the project, because Chris Christie has staked a lot of political capital in the bog.

Do not attempt to adjust your set. Someone actually thought this was a good idea.

The mall has plenty of opponents who don't like the cost, the level of state involvement, the environmental impact — and don't forget that exterior. For the Giants and the Jets, though, the big problem is the traffic impact. Of course, if you've tried to drive Route 3 in Bergen County when either team is playing at home, you know this is like going to the beach and complaining about all the sand. The only thing fans can appreciate about trying to leave the stadium is how Disneyfied the exits are — sending you on more loops than the Olympics logo, but somehow leaving you feeling like you're getting closer to your destination.

If finished, American Dream will certainly be a traffic nightmare. But let's face the facts — it's too big to fail, and it will be a huge economic generator, in terms of jobs, sales taxes, real estate activity and the like. And those impacts will be felt year-round, as opposed to a handful of dates per year. Football fans already are willing to put themselves through traffic hell to attend home games. This is Jersey. What's a little more traffic? What's another mall?

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