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Christie isn't going anywhere


Another day, another top story in the big dailies about Chris Christie’s chances of balancing the Mitt Romney ticket in the election this November.

The media in general really has bipolar disorder about the governor’s future plans; at any given moment, Christie is:

– Interested in the White House, but he’s nobody’s No. 2. Oh, but he’s not looking to be president, no.

– Having too much fun taking the bat out on the NJEA to consider leaving New Jersey.

– Actually, could he still run for president? It’s too late, right? I mean, we finally just picked Romney, but we could ask him again, don’t you think? Just write me 14 inches on it. Try to work in some Ronald Reagan references.

– Figuring out how to place more the authority in the veep, sort of like Dick Cheney, but without the hunting accidents.

I would be extremely surprised to see Christie commit himself much further to the Romney campaign, and how badly would Romney want him? While Christie brings conservative credentials that sound forced when applied to Romney, both are Northeasterners, and, therefore, automatically elitist know-it-all big city types with their fancy book-learnin’, otherwise known as certain death once you cross Mason-Dixon. And given how long it took Romney to finally vanquish his challengers, will he really want to share the stage with someone who would outshine him at every turn?

In a sense, it’s really a shame, because even though Christie tends to turn his Jersey down when he’s on the world stage, it would be nice to see someone rival the antics of Joe Biden, at least, those presented by The Onion. I, for one, would love to see Christie grow a ponytail for the inauguration.

I’m even more irreverent on Twitter @joe_arney.

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