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Grapevine: the Icelandic version

By February 26. 2012 11:09AM

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When I received an email this Sunday morning with the subject line "Grapevine," I became excited, thinking the NJBIZ staffer who sent it was submitting an item for our weekly column. Granted, the staffer is in Iceland but you never know where a Grapevine item will be found because New Jersey newsmakers—and the reporters who chronicle them—get around.

Instead, it was a photo of the current issue of "The Reykjavik Grapevine," a free magazine in English covering "everything Iceland-related, with a special focus on news-related events, human interest stories, music, culture and events," according to the "about us" section of its website. It has a circulation of 25,000.
But does it cover the NJBIZ Grapevine staples of LCAPP, PSEG and Tom Considine?

As always, the NJBIZ version of Grapevine will publish Monday.

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