Christie takes on Snooki at BioNJ dinner


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Gov. Chris Christie's speech at the BioNJ annual dinner Thursday was mostly focused on conveying the message that he's committed to helping the biotechnology industry thrive in New Jersey.

But the governor couldn't resist taking a few shots at a favorite punching bag – the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore."

On Tuesday, "Jersey Shore" cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi took to Twitter to write, "I will not be voting for Chris Christie. Love always, the 'buffoons' from that degrading Jersey Shore show."

Snooki called Christie "judgmental" and accused him of "calling us names when he's never met us."

On Thursday, Christie told the BioNJ crowd he's working hard to improve New Jersey's image, which he said was harmed by shows like Polizzi's.

"For far too long over the last decade, New Jersey was more of a punch-line on the late-night talk shows and other places, right?" he said. "You know, 'The Sopranos,' 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'. God forbid, 'Jersey Shore.'"

Christie, who declined to run for president and won't be up for re-election until next year, said he's heard about Polizzi's tweets.

"You see, this further reinforces my concern about these people," he said. "She lives in New York. She can't vote for me."

Christie said he's sorry if Polizzi's feelings were hurt, but he didn't seem overly sorry.

"I tell (N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo) all the time you can have them back," Christie said. "You will not be shocked to know that he has not sent a car yet, for Snooki, or JWoww or The Situation."

Christie said the wider point is that New Jersey has turned a corner. Instead of being a late-night punch-line, he said the state is now more commonly talked about on Sunday morning talk shows and evening news programs.

"Something's happening here and America can see it and feel it and notice it," he said.

Christie said the change is due to the resolve of the state's residents, who are "picking themselves up out of a hole that was dug for them by irresponsible leadership by previous administrations."

At least one "Jersey Shore" cast member, however, believes she's helped to improve the state, too.

In response to Polizzi's Tuesday tweets, fellow cast-member Jenni "JWoww" Farley chimed in to say she too would not vote for Christie.

"Me either!" she tweeted. "I will choose someone who appreciates what we did for jersey! Urs truly the degenerate."

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