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By , - Last modified: March 1, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Take a stand against legislative borrowing

New Jersey voters tend to be united in two things: belief that everyone on the ballot is corrupt, and that preservation of open space is an overriding concern that deserves their support. Since the 1960s, New Jersey voters have approved every open-space ballot issue they’ve read, a testament to residents’ understanding of environmental issues and a desire to keep pristine real estate from being developed.

But the time of unwavering support is over.

Business owners should not support the Nov. 3 open space initiative for reasons that have nothing to do with the environment. Once again, Trenton has presented a thoroughly sound concept — taking advantage of low land prices to protect sacred acres from the developers’ spades — without demonstrating how it will be paid for.

Independent Chris Daggett’s plan to extend the sales tax to other services, while responsible, would be painful to countless business owners. Of course, those of you politics junkies recall that a tax on summer rentals — which would have fallen under Daggett’s plan — was considered when the state was planning to dedicate a fund for open space preservation. That being politically unpopular, they did it the easy way, by borrowing.

For small-business owners doling out ever-higher taxes to an irresponsible Legislature, this is a $400 million millstone that can’t be borne. They should vote against the open-space measure.

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